Vintage Books & Interior Design Solutions

The Interior Design Directors of INSTUDIO enjoy finding and foraging through small vintage bookstores for books on art and design. Vintage design books like the fifth edition of the 1919 book “The Practical Book of Interior Decoration” published by J. B. Lippincott Company offers a view of the evolution of Interior Design & Décor.

The tone of the writing may be dated but the photographs, illustrations and historic period content of European and American interior architecture and furniture styles is the same information that is being taught to design students today. Although styles have changed the elements of design which includes the use of color, balance, proportion, rhythm and the use of relevant furniture plans transcends the age of vintage design books.

As part of the books forward “The Practical Book of Interior Decoration” says this about style: “Style, in its finest sense, is the last acquirement of the educated mind; it is also the most useful. It pervades the whole being. The administrator with a sense for style hates waste; the engineer with a sense for style, economizes his material; the artisan with a sense for style prefers good work. Style is the ultimate morality of the mind.”

Book lovers and those working on interior design projects can benefit from the voice of the past for interior design solutions.

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