When is it time for design?

Does your living/working space flow?

How long do you plan to live/work at this space?

Do you know or want to develop your personal style?

Any interior benefits from a good furniture/space plan. Plans allow you to make the most of available space.  A good plan is more important than good furniture because the plan is relevant to how you really live/work and use your space.

The investment in design should be hinged on the amount of time that you plan to live/work in a space. Inexpensive short term design solutions include using paint, rugs and window treatments to personalize a space. Select practical furnishings and lighting that can be used in future spaces.

Designing for long term living/working spaces may involve remodeling interior architecture to match your activities. Long term design can also include the Installation of fixtures, lighting, appliances, finishes and materials to match the architectural style of your home or your personal design style. Invest in furnishings, lighting and window treatments that are specifically purchased for long term living/working spaces.

Some people naturally know their personal design style which will translate into what they select for interior design direction. Translating personal style into three dimensions can be difficult without professional help. Contact INSTUDIO when it is time for design.

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