Art imitates life on Kitchen Design & Style

INSTUDIO interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis loves interior design. His idea of escape from design projects or client work is watching HGTV. Cartoons fit the bill for complete escape and Lewis enjoys “American Dad”. In an episode where Francine and Stan disagree on design style for a kitchen remodel the cartoon situation mirrors reality.

The story (in cartoons or real life) goes…Francine and Stan go to see a neighbor’s newly remodeled kitchen. They both fall in love with all of the new custom features of the kitchen and soon decide to remodel their own.  Their styles are opposite and they want the new design for different reasons. Stan wants a rustic kitchen where he can butcher his game after a hunt. Francine wants a sleek contemporary kitchen where she can look pretty while sipping coffee in front of a bay window facing the garden.

A red line is drawn down the middle of the old kitchen Francine & Stan each build a new kitchen. The line then becomes a brick wall when they can’t stand the cooking style or the sight of the adjoining kitchen. In the end love conquers all.  The wall comes down because Francine and Stan miss each other more than they love their new kitchens.

Before a remodel couples should agree on budget, what you want the room to do and style. These items are the most important things to getting the most from a design that suits your life and style. It starts with a plan.

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