Collaboration Makes for Better Design

Good design is most often the result of a collaborative effort.  The Design Directors of INSTUDIO find that their best designs emerge from the process of exchanging ideas, modifying design plans, and generally engaging in an interactive dialogue around a project.  A kinetic design process feeds the creative thought process and the result is a better overall design.

It is a myth that the best designs come solely from a single designer.  If one studies closely the great architects and designers, both of the past and currently, you will always find a design team and a strong collaborative process being engaged in.  Frank Lloyd Wright worked closely with his associates, the associates many times generating first runs at a design articulated by Frank Lloyd Wright, to be then re-worked by the great Architect with input from his staff.  This process continues today.

So, when involved in a larger design project that includes a working team of for instance an interior designer, an architect, a contractor, tradespersons:  tile installers, cabinet makers, etc., do not dismiss their input in the process; they are closest to specific aspects of the project:  the architect to the structure and building materials, the contractor to how it will be built, the tradespersons are experts in their crafts, and the interior designer keeps the overall design together to meet the vision and functional needs of the client.


And, don’t forget, as the client you have an important voice in the process.  Ultimately, the finished design should reflect your personal taste, your vision for the space, and provide the function you need.  Be a voice in the process but also value and consider and rely on the voices of the professionals within their fields as they contribute to the design process.

Collaboration means better design!

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