Color is all around us.  Nature provides an envelope of color when we are outside.  All colors are found in nature.  Color is also the envelope of our interior spaces where we live and work.  The Design Directors of INSTUDIO are constantly aware of the envelope of color in the development of an interior design plan – wall and ceiling colors, floor finish colors, cabinet finishes, and often missed, the colors visible outside in a space with lots of windows.

You can almost think of your interior space in terms of the outside envelope:  floors as the ground, walls and ceiling as the sky and horizons.  Most times there will be a predominant field of color:  the walls.  While sometimes a dramatic color works with the design, more often, the choice will be a neutral color in variations of white (cool or warm) or muted soft colors.  The ground, or floor, color selection can be more varied but most often will be an earth tone, especially for tile and wood floors, and generally, floor carpets for most rooms will tend to be a neutral color.

This is the envelope.  Within the envelope the Design Directors of INSTUDIO bring in additional color to fully develop the desired color palette using accent walls, rugs, furniture finishes and textiles, tiles and stone counter tops, window treatments, accessories and accents, and of course art.  There is nothing better than art to truly personalize an interior space and add a dramatic splash of color.

Let INSTUDIO Design Directors help you develop a refreshing, new color palette for your interiors with Summer of COLOR Love.

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