Experiencing Feng Shui

Most people have heard of Feng Shui, far fewer people understand what it is about.  Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder recently had a Feng Shui professional come to their home to conduct a limited Feng Shui analysis of their living spaces, admittedly, with some trepidation.

Jaiya Alamia of Harmonious Home, Sustainable Living Solutions, was asked to conduct the Feng Shui analysis.  The initial unease of engaging this service was with the uncertainty of what Feng Shui was really all about and the fear that Jaiya would suggest we make whole scale changes to our living spaces to align with the principles of Feng Shui.  During the process she effectively allayed both those concerns.

Generally, Feng Shui is about how energy moves through spaces:  where it enters, exits, stagnates, flows, heightens, and lessens; where it is positive and where it is negative.  To the INSTUDIO Design Directors that sounded somewhat similar to the basis for a good space plan:  how do people move through and interact with their spaces.  Good, one concern relieved.

The first step of the process was an informational interview that included among other things how we used our spaces, what we liked/disliked about our spaces and any unease we experienced in the home.  Ah, again we were on familiar ground.  The first step toward a good design plan is the informational interview with the client.

When the limited analysis was completed, we were again relieved.  Jaiya did not suggest we change everything in our living spaces. On the contrary, with good insight and sensitivity to who we were and what our objectives were, she made constructive suggestions that would make the space we live in more conducive to how we live and to enhance our well being.

The experience was positive and informative; both Samuel and Stephen got a sense of what some of their clients initially experience when they retain INSTUDIO:  will INSTUDIO suggest I change everything; will the space really reflect me, or will it be solely the vision of the Interior Designer?  Like Jaiya and her Feng Shui practice, INSTUDIO is committed to enhancing the living spaces of our clients in a way that reflects who they are and what their personal objectives are for where they live and work.

To understand more about Feng Shui and the work of Jaiya Alamia, please go to:  http://harmonious-home.com.

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