Feng Shui inspires Artist William Rhodes

Artist William Rhodes Feng Shui Series brings together his journey as an artist.  His dynamic works of art are composed of properties designed to create positive energy. Equally talented as an artist, craftsman and furniture maker his pieces in the Feng Shui Series defy such categories as painting, sculpture, furniture or accessory; the works are all inclusive.

Abstract paintings on glass are gentle explosions of color rimmed in gold and mirror fragments. Wall art created with such depth and form that it could be categorized as sculpture. Wall mounted sculptures can contain secret compartments. All works are executed with the fine craftsmanship of a skilled furniture maker and the eye of an artist and sculptor.

Rhodes travels to Africa, Asia, Central & South America influences his work. He infuses a non-Western approach to furniture and art by creating utilitarian objects that are works of art.  His choice of materials, colors and method of building and design reflect an Eastern view. Rhodes believes the spirit and characteristics of materials lend themselves to a particular piece of art.  Recycled materials are an important component of his work.

Samuel Fleming Lewis of INSTUDIO was invited to Kohler Jones custom furniture & design to view the works of William Rhodes. Kohler Jones exhibits original art along with fine furniture. The chic furniture vignettes are enhanced by the paintings, sculptures and wall art of Rhodes’s Feng Shui Series. Originally scheduled to close in July, 2011 the exhibit has been extended until September, 2011. In your summer travel plans include a trip to Kohler Jones as a destination for global inspired art with positive energy. http://www.kohlerjones.com/

Kohler Jones  1747 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94131-2412 (415) 643-6309 Tue-Wed 11am-6pm; Thu 11am-9pm; Fri-Sun 11am-5pm

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