INSTUDIO Floored by Miele & Haan

During a design meeting at the home of a high end residential client INSTUDIO interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis noticed that a cleaning lady was quietly vacuuming floors in the same room. He wondered how this was so, where was all the noise? A quick look revealed a sleek bright yellow Miele vacuum cleaner. Months later Lewis purchased the exact same vacuum cleaner. The one piece wand adjusts in length, all small tools are stored within the top never to be misplaced, the long cord is fully retractable and the unit fits within a small storage space. Although not inexpensive the design, features and quiet adjustable suction made this a practical purchase.

After using three different cleaning devises to keep his newly installed hardwood floors clean Lewis discovered that each had drawbacks.  Two required replaceable pads and special cleaning solutions that left a residue. One combination vacuum cleaner/mop had so little suction that the Miele vacuum cleaner was used in advance of mopping.

The Haan sanitizer was discovered at a department store by chance. Being skeptical the Design Director asked the sales clerk if the sanitizer could be returned if it didn’t meet his expectations. The sanitizer never went back to the department store. It cleans with steam made from a cup of tap water that is heated within minutes and forced through a machine washable cleaning pad. No chemicals, no extra cleaning pads, no residue; how natural. Hard surface floors are dry and ready to walk on shortly after cleaning.

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