Orange You; Intrigued?

INSTUDIO Design Directors have been noticing orange in the homes of designers, as an accent color for interior design, in street graphics, as accessories, on both vintage and new upholstered pieces, as textiles and even as a fruit! There is always a good reason to add this lively color that knows no season to interior design and décor. Orange may go out of trend but as orange lovers will tell you it never goes out of style.

Research “ORANGE” and you will find the following: The color orange occurs between red and yellow.  The color is named after the appearance of the ripe fruit. The first recorded use of orange as a color name in English was in 1512. The complementary color of orange is blue therefore it’s highly visible against a clear sky. Orange is often used for high visibility clothing, safety equipment and objects. Orange represents warning, autumn, desire, fire, Halloween, Thanksgiving, prisoners, Unionism in Ireland, Indian religions, engineering, determination, compassion, endurance & optimism The first recorded use of orange peel as a color name in English was in 1839.

People who love orange really don’t care about the history or trend of the color they just can’t resist adding more orange to their lives. The spectrum of red-oranges to yellow-oranges gives orange lovers a wide range of their favorite color. Most orange lovers select the one that is halfway between red and yellow on a color wheel. This pure orange was popular in the 1960’s as a bright bold optimistic color choice. Brown- orange or Burnt Orange was popular in 1970’s interior design and décor and is remembered as the color of the era. Red heads  usually have hair that is actually a burnt orange.  Working with any range of the color is easy because orange complements its surroundings.

Need help rolling with Oranges?

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