Shelving Style

Shelving; you gotta have it.  But, it doesn’t have to be mundane, it can make a statement.  The Design Directors at INSTUDIO discovered some great wall systems by Flexform.  They are distinctive, interesting, have great form, and most importantly, get the job done.

Display, storage of items you need at your fingertips and a place to keep television screens and sound systems can pose a problem for any room.  Finding a great wall system can solve your problem.  It has to be functional, that is why you have them in the first place, but think of it also as a statement of your personality.  The system does not have to be a row of equally spaced shelves or boxes to put things.  The piece itself can be an architectural element of the room or like a functional piece of sculpture.

The wall system by Flexform fits the bill with unevenly spaced and sized compartments to display items or provide the space you need for your television screen or sound system, as well as storage cabinets to keep what you need out of sight, made more distinctive by its use of alternating finishes.  A selected wall in your space now has a focal point of interest pleasing to the eye and with a strong function.

Invest in good shelving and wall storage systems when you are young.  You will always need them and can take them with you as you and your family grows.  As your needs for them change, you can change them:  more storage when needed for the family, more display space for memories and mementoes when you are an empty nester.

To help you bring distinctive wall systems to your space, contact the Design Directors of INSTUDIO.

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