The Subtlety of Hue

Hue is another word for color.  The Design Directors of INSTUDIO often talk the language of color using its synonym hue.  We do so because it helps us get just the right color.  For instance, we all know the color green.  Or do we?  There are hundreds of greens and they will fall within the spectrum of yellow greens – pure green – blue greens.  The yellow greens are warmer colors while the blue greens are cooler colors.

Fresh eucalyptus leaves are a great example of the spectrum of green hues – the newest leaves are lighter, yellow-green while later leaves are darker, blue-green.  They also can inspire a complete color palette.  Add the color of the fresh leave stems, a pale, tinted, red, with a field color of soft, linen and you have a beautiful color palette.

Nature is great place to look for subtlety of hue; it provides wonderful cues for a working color palette.  It is our best example of how color works together in beautiful combinations.

Let INSTUDIO help you develop a color palette of subtle hues for your design project.

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