Compositions in a Room

Residential interior design and decoration is built upon four basic layers of elements within an overall composition that personalizes living space. The first layer is the Interior architectural space or room. The second is the defining details of the architectural space. The third includes floors walls and ceiling or the “shell”. The furniture plan and overall visual composition is the fourth element.

The interior architecture or the “bones of a room” defines the volume of space in terms of room size, ceiling heights, windows and door size/locations and built- in cabinetry. In artist terms this is the blank canvas on which the other layers of elements will be applied.

Proportions of a room are refined by the use of architectural finish materials including floor finish, woodwork details, moldings, door/window casings, wainscot or paneled wall treatments. When the architectural space and the details are in harmony, walls that receive a good application of paint can complete the shell.  The room is then ready for personalization and transformation by design.

The fun begins while composing the big picture combining the architectural space and finish materials with a design and furniture plan. A room comes together with proportion, balance, rhythm, color, texture and finish of furnishings, lighting, textiles and accessories that expresses your personal style. The blended compositions make a house a home.

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