Experience Architecture & Design at the Museum

Furniture Design, Textile Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design & Lighting Design can usually be found at Museums of contemporary art. Curators of Architecture and Design focus their progressive thinking on practices across all design disciplines.

Museums act as a time capsule for what was contemporary decades ago and what is considered cutting edge design today. The Art Institute of Chicago features Architectural drawings produced by the hands modernist masters as well as computer generated renderings that allow you to experience walking through a futuristic virtual living space seen on a screen.

Architecture and Design departments allow enthusiast to see where design has been and where it is going. An expensive classic modernist chair that is under consideration for completing a living or dining room may find its way into your home once it’s seen at the museum. Fresh new ideas and forms by forward thinking architects and designers can entice the purchase of what may one day become an iconic moment in design history.

Art and design is not worlds apart.  The two can be found under one roof at the museum or under your own roof at home when you experience the evolution of architecture and design at the museum.

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