Using store bought furniture? Always mix, never worry

We all have our favorite retail furniture stores and websites. It’s easy to shop for furniture, lighting and accessories at places that are familiar because we consistently like their new offerings. It’s best to mix it up a bit to avoid interior design that looks more like a particular store or website and less like your home.

Retail stores have great offerings. Mix brands and price points of furniture from well known stores/websites to make rooms look as if the furniture was collected over time for a distinct look. Interior designers have come out of the closet about shopping at IKEA for particular items or frequent stores like WEST ELM for beautiful lacquered pieces or stylish furnishings and accessories.

The interior Design Directors of INSTUDIO develop individual personality in a room by including recycled, custom, vintage or antique pieces with furniture store/website sourced furniture.  The use of original art from local artists, designer textiles and custom or antique rugs also give a room of store/website furniture distinguished appeal. Using an expensive lamp or accessory on an inexpensive or recycled table or chest can also blur the lines between low cost and expensive pieces.

Remember to mix proportion, balance, rhythm, color, texture and finishes to express your personal style. The best thing that you can do for a room is to always mix, never worry.

Making selections from retail furniture stores and websites? Need help with the mix?

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