Combine CHIFFONIER a cabinet of drawers with WARDROBE a free standing cabinet/closet for storing clothes and you have a CHIFFOROBE.  The chifforobe is an American invention that was popular beginning in the 1900’s in the Southern United States.  A 1908 Sears Roebuck Catalogue described a chifforobe as, “a modern invention, having been in use only a short time” This handy essential piece of furniture contains every type of storage that is needed in a bedroom.

INSTUDIO Interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis has a lifelong history with a 1930’s “chifforobe” by Tri-Bond Furniture. It was purchased in New Orleans, Louisiana by his parents shortly after their marriage as part of a 6 piece bedroom furniture suite. In the move to Los Angeles, California during the1950’s the chifforobe went along with the family.

Samuel remembers when he couldn’t reach the top drawers that he now uses daily. The cedar lined wardrobe sections that once contained overcoats, fancy hats, furs and special dresses are now filled with sport coats, suits, vests and tuxedos. Small drawers that once contained his mother’s hair brushes or his grandmother’s rose seeds now hold a passport, cufflinks and watches. Big Drawers hold sox, folded shirts and the “stuff” of his life now.

From the moment that furniture is delivered into a home it begins a history of interaction with us. A good piece of furniture will last several lifetimes. Consider the use of family heirloom furniture or investing in a custom or quality piece of furniture of your own.  Keep your furniture in good condition so that other generations can use your chifforobe or “modern invention” of today in the future.

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