7 Floral Designs from a Bountiful Bouquet

Supermarkets, organic grocery stores and farmers markets offer flower bouquets which combine a bounty of seasonal greenery and flowers.  For a reasonable price a large vase can be filled with leafy greens and flowers to add color to a room.

Seven different floral arrangements were composed by the design directors of INSTUDIO using one $15.00 bouquet from an organic grocery. Greens and flowers were paired and matched to interesting new and vintage vases. Stems were cut and leaves were trimmed to refine the proportions to each vase.

With an artistic eye the bouquet was deconstructed. The entire bouquet was used including some stems that provided interesting spikes of green with a single red Gerber carnation.

Filling an entire house with fresh flowers can be affordable when creativity is used. Select interesting vases in different sizes then deconstruct a “garden variety” bouquet to enhance your décor. With an artistic eye a bouquet becomes chic new arrangements.

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