Africa inspires Samuel Fleming Lewis

INSTUDIO interior Design Directors are both artists and interior designers. Recently Samuel Fleming Lewis created twelve new linoleum block prints. Graphic patterns from African tribal textiles and wood carvings have long been an influence in his art. Samuel was first introduced to carving linoleum for prints in a high school art class. He often returns to the media for its elemental hands on nature.

Throughout history artists have looked to purity of form found in African art, artifacts and textiles. The austere patterns and shapes have been captured in modernist art movements. African inspiration in design creates contemporary profiles and motifs with timeless appeal.

Samuel’s prints could instantly be converted into designs for textiles, rugs or wallpapers. Any one of the twelve prints easily lends themselves to further development in scale, colors or repetition on contemporary items for the home.

Bring African inspiration home with Interior Design Direction from INSTUDIO

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