Design Enhanced by Color, Art & Accessories

A high-rise Condominium can be a blank slate of crisp white walls and beautiful new hardwood floors. The space is personalized by a thoughtful furniture plan that reflects how the homeowner intends to use the rooms. After the plan and furniture selection, color, art & accessories give the room personal style.

INSTUDIO Design Directors thoughtfully selected contemporary furnishings, art & accessories to make this living space come together. A pale blue sofa and aluminum framed table mimic the colors of the sky. Red-orange chairs were selected as a reminder of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. A light colored wood buffet cabinet captures color of costal driftwood.

An urban cityscape painting placed between the windows acts as a continuation of the view. The abstract paintings repeat the colors found in the cityscape views and interior furnishings. The minimal chandelier provides shimmering light like the nighttime sky. The rug and sofa pillows bring yellow- greens and red-oranges throughout to unify the living and dining areas. The color palette is a variation of the three primary colors of red, blue and yellow adjusted for adults and high-rise, downtown living.

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