What happens to beautiful stylish well cared for furniture, accessories and lighting when a change in design style demands new furnishings or perhaps your existing pieces won’t blend within the new décor of a room? They go to a home furnishings consignment store like Design Plus that offers a responsible option for someone else to enjoy the items you love but which no longer fit with your design or life style.

Design Plus Consignment Gallery offers unique, gently, used designer, vintage, retro and antique furnishings at reasonable prices. The loft style space has an unlimited display of exceptional eclectic furnishings and art ready to enhance your home. Buying or selling gently used furniture, accessories and lighting is the affordable earth friendly approach to fresh new design.

INSTUDIO design directors like to develop an artistic mix of interesting furniture and accessories to add character to rooms. The consignment gallery is the perfect place to select something for new décor or give a new home to your once prized positions. Lucky finds add life to interior design.

Contact the Design Directors of INSTUDIO to help you select furniture and accessories to restyle your rooms.

Design Plus Consignment 333 8th Street (at Folsom) San Francisco, CA 94103  415-800-8030

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