FIT… Contemporary Sculpture or Lounge Chair?

Office furniture manufacturers often develop innovative products that could easily be included in residential design and décor. These pieces are seldom seen by residential consumers or designers because they are usually marketed to architects and business designers.

INSTUDIO interior design directors noticed a window display at the Kimball Office showroom in San Francisco’s Financial District which featured a grouping of green sculptural elements. Intrigued by what they saw they stopped inside to see what these things were.  The sculptures were actually the “FIT” chair. The name is appropriate because the chairs tubular frame is outfitted with a woven mesh that conforms to the body. You can to sit straight, curl up or roll to the side while comfortably being supported.

Fit chair features include: Four weave-strength zones to support the entire body. An optional headrest can be placed anywhere on the frame. The chairs “nest” while not in use for compact storage. Color options of Black, Grey, Red or Green will enhance any style of contemporary décor. Blending office and residential furnishings can create interesting interiors. Home or office this sculptural chair fits.

Sit FIT at Kimball Office, 330 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA 94104 (415) 395-9960  ‎

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