Getting the Most out of Your Space

When space is at a premium in your home, true for many big city dwellers, getting the most out of your space is crucial.  Creating multi-functional spaces helps, i.e. a dining room with a wall of bookcases that can also function as a library.  Another way to maximize your space use is look again at the small seemingly out of the way spaces to determine if they can serve a function for you and your lifestyle.

The INSTUDIO Design Directors found a great example of using an unexpected space in just such a way in a San Francisco home.  Located on the corner of a mid-stair landing of an L shaped stair from an open living area to a lower level is a built in bench with an exquisite view of the backyard and garden.

Perched as it is on the landing gives it the feel of a tree house.  The soft leather bench cushion together with a comfortable pillow lets this space become an out of the way spot for a cup of tea while relaxing and enjoying the view.  Or, as a get away to get through the next chapter of that novel you are reading or to catch up on your magazines.

To help you maximize your spaces, contact the Design Directors of INSTUDIO.

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