Is More Really More?

Deciding when enough is enough is a choice determined by personal style and taste. A room enhanced with abundant layers of interesting extraordinary furniture, art, textiles, collections and colors can be a waking dream for someone who loves every piece used to compose the room. The same room can be a daytime nightmare to someone who has a personal style defined by clean contemporary surroundings.

Rooms that make the most of the “more is more” style direction are actually carefully developed as an overall composition by adding and subtracting elements until a certain level of beauty is achieved. Without an artistic eye and a certain level of refinement the layers of “more” can take on the look of a horde.

Those who strike the perfect balance of having much too much in a room without it being visually disturbing are the masters of more is more. They create compositions with unifying elements throughout the room that complements their personal style. Style icons who have mastered “more is more” include: Iris Apfel, Diana Vreeland, Tony Duquette, Gwynn Griffith, Charlton Varney, Mario Buatta & Elaine Griffin.

If your rooms look like more stuff rather than more style INSTUDIO Design Directors can lend a new set of artistic eyes to make more of your rooms.

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