It’s Abstract

Abstract art gives you glimpses.  It frees the viewer to imagine, ponder and wonder.  The black & white painting titled “Floppy Remorse” by artist Stephen Kladder is just such an abstract work of art.  One can discern some text:  but what does it say?  Images can also be discerned, but what are they exactly?  It doesn’t matter.  The rhythm, balance between white and black, and the mystery catch the viewer.

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO are always aware of where the eye naturally looks into a space. This focal point can be a great place for a bold art piece. Abstract art can make a dramatic difference in a room. A black and white piece like the one shown makes a statement and captures the eye.

Abstract images can be developed into interesting textiles. Imagine this artwork as an edgy urban toile print for drapery or as upholstery on a contemporary sofa. A vintage inspired room with high contrast black and white wall paper in this pattern would be striking. Vivid color, wood, chrome and glass furniture, accessories and lighting could complete the scene. Abstract art and images can really set the mood for a room.

Contact INSTUDIO for design direction using abstract art and images to develop a dramatic room.

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