Revive & Keep Your Furniture

The times are right hold on to older pieces of furniture, especially those that have been in the family for some time.  Just revive it.  It can be done beautifully and cost effectively.  Older pieces of furniture tend to be much better constructed than new pieces of furniture.  They were made to last.  You may have such a piece of furniture.  And, if it has sentimental value, it was likely protected and still looks good, but may no longer fit well with your current interior designs.

No problem.  Furniture can be refinished to work with new design color palettes and styles.  Seat cushions for dining chairs can be reupholstered.  Furniture that was more “formal” but now needs to be more casual to meet your current living style can be refinished or reupholstered to complete your new look.

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO did just that for a client who had his parents’ dining table for many years.  He seldom had formal dining parties and kept up his furniture, so the finish, while a little worn, was still in good shape.  In fact, the new design direction that INSTUDIO developed for his living/dining space was one that emphasized comfort and casual living, maximizing the outdoor views, so a faded, slightly distressed finish added to the overall design plan. The chair seats were newly upholstered with Jack Lenor Larsen’s “Samba” striped fabric in pale greens, white and yellow ochre to bring the outdoors in.  This worked perfectly for his new design.

Let the Design Directors of INSTUDIO help you keep and revive that special piece of furniture to work with your new design direction.

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