The Monochromatic Room

A monochromatic color scheme uses a single color throughout to develop a room design. Paint or wall finishes, floor finish, rugs or carpet, window treatments furniture and upholstery fabrics are all slight variations of the same color.  The overall effect is expansive; monochromatic color schemes make small rooms seem larger. Large rooms gain a luxurious effect of glamour.

Beiges, Creams, Whites or Pale Grays are used as classic designer palettes but a monochromatic color scheme can be developed in any color, light or dark. When creating a monochromatic room make sure to include variations in texture and finish. For example cream colored leather, sateen, damask and chenille and nubby weaves as textiles. Cream colored wood stain, lacquer and stone for furniture.

The advantages of a monochromatic color schemes is that the design direction can be achieved on any budget. Canvas, a can of matching wall paint along with painted wood furniture can be used for low budgets. Compositions developed with custom finishes, furniture and design showroom textiles complete high end interiors.

Any color that is not part of the overall scheme comes to life when placed in a backdrop of a single colored room. Art collectors often use monochromatic schemes to allow their art to become the focus of their rooms. Rooms of a single color have the potential to become timeless classics.

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