The Subtlety of Color

Hesitant to use paint colors you love because you believe they are too strong?  This can be true depending upon what you want to achieve for your interior design.  Many people tend to shy away from purple, yellow or green.  However, if we look to nature we have a beautiful canvas of how these colors are subtly displayed.

INSTUDIO Design Directors use different ways to utilize strong colors.  One is to balance them.  If you like purple, use it and tone down its intensity by the use of other colors, such as its compliment yellow, yellow greens, or tinted reds.  All colors within a room interact with each other and subtly affect how the viewer sees the colors.

Another way to utilize the colors you like is to reduce the saturation of color.  Saturation is a color theory term that means intensity of color.  Tinting a color with a percentage of white can reduce saturation as can adding a little of the complimentary color.  Google “color wheel” and you can find a colors compliment.  This leaves you with the color you love, but reduces its intensity.

Variations of these methods work too.  Use the strong color you like as an accent color on one wall for example and also use it with less saturation:  two tones of the same color.  Finally, using less saturated colors to complete the palette will further reduce the overall intensity of the strong color within the full palette.

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