What Makes Your Design Unique?

Copying a design that you like may be flattering to the originator but does the style really fit you? Model, singer, muse and style icon Grace Jones blended her unique physical image along with designers, stylists and photographers to produce a portfolio of one-of-a-kind visuals that reflected her over the top personality and style.

When inspired by magazines, interior designers, trends, colors or furniture stores it’s best to be truly inspired rather than trying to slavishly replicate a design. An exact duplicate might not fit who you are and where you live. The imitation becomes a sad reminder of something grand rather than something special that you can call your own.

The trend that makes a lasting impression and gives a lot of bang for the buck may not suit you. INSTUDIO Design Directors have seen many red rooms in the homes of clients who don’t have red room personalities. Repainting the rooms to a neutral palette made them very happy. Being the “Joneses” is easy when you aren’t afraid to take risks and have a strong sense of personal style. Keeping up with the “Joneses” can be far more difficult and truly uninspired.

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