Why INSTUDIO Designer Directors read Interior Design Magazines

Designers with a strong point of view can easily live without ever looking at a design magazine. Sitting down with a new magazine becomes a guilty pleasure that allows us to view the work of other designers whose aesthetics we admire. The pages actually become a community of creativity, rooms, products and homes that we might otherwise never experience.

Interior design magazines are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Each of the established publications now has online versions with extra features and content preparing for the day when printed media will be obsolete. Bloggers, Apps and trend setters have infiltrated the interior design industries control on interesting content that is available for free online.

INSTUDIO Design Directors have wicked names for the design magazines that they enjoy viewing each month. Some of their favorites include:

ELLE DÉCOR or “Ellie Decker” features a wide range of interesting international spaces with an extraordinary style.

House Beautiful or “House So-So” too often features rooms that seem too “pretty”.

INTERIOR DESIGN or “Inferior Design” features some of the finest international interior architecture design projects along with the most current design products available. (Inferior since for over ten years the magazine subscription always arrives in the mail exactly one month late. What’s up with that?)

Luxe or “Luxxx” presents interiors, furniture, art and accessories in graphic detail. The glossy genre publication a luxurious throwback of what magazine reading use to be but takes itself rather seriously and sadly appears just quarterly.

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST or “Architectural Indigestion” is now healthy and vibrant with a stunning comeback aided by the new editor in chief Margaret Russell and a fresh new graphic design.

Snarky comments aside, we wish our favorite design magazines well and rue the day that we can only view them online.

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