How to get Shagged Today

Shag carpet was “in” during the mid1960’s and throughout the1970’s. Most people think of shag pile as the perfect complement to vintage style interiors. The Design Directors of INSTUDIO think of groovy “long haired” shag as a plush luxurious carpet or rug that can add depth and texture to most design styles.

In neutral or monochromatic palettes a matching shag rug is an unexpected contemporary material that can be used in place of sisal or seagrass rugs. A room with retro styling will be complemented with shag rug or carpet in a vibrant accent color.  Imagine antique, shaker, country, or contemporary furniture arranged on a shag rug as a counterpoint to expected floorcoverings.

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO are using a 21 foot long custom shaped angular shag rug in a contemporary loft style apartment. The rug will direct circulation in the open plan loft and define a furniture arrangement as a room. Although the client didn’t think of the carpet as vintage, she said that it reminded her of snakes. After a couple of steps on the lush shag carpet sample she said, “Order it.”

Cast aside what you thought of shag rugs or carpet and get Shagged Today!

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