If you are ready to start your interior design project, it is also the time to open your eyes and starting looking at everything around you.  You never know what might be a cue for your inspiration, but if you are not observing you might just miss it.

A common characteristic of artists is that they are observers:  they observe people, places, colors, shapes, textures, perspectives and more.  The same trait can work wonderfully as you begin to develop your ideas for your design project.  Pay attention to what you see while you are walking to work, strolling with your children in the park, the architectural details in fine restaurants and shops, the textures and colors of gravel and stone.  What you see can be your inspiration.

An old, rusting gate provides interesting shapes, colors and textures that can be adapted to your design.  The background colors beyond can be as equally inspiring for a color palette.  Tap into the emotions you feel as you observe.  They might tell you what mood you want for your space.  The beginning of a good design starts with observing what’s around you.

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