So You Like Yellow!

The color yellow is usually associated with bright and cheerful, sunny and light.  In some cultural traditions, for instance in many Native American cultures, it is the color that represents our spiritual nature.  Its complimentary color is purple which is generally viewed as an intense color.  Surprisingly, many people do not think of yellow as an intense color, but in its pure hue, not tinted or shaded, it is one of our most intense colors.

That can make yellow a tricky color to work with.  By far the easiest way to work with yellow in a color palette is as an accent color – a splash of yellow here and there.  Yellow can take over and dominate a color palette if it is used as a prominent color in the palette.  Again, this surprises most people because they think of yellow as being a light color.  And, that it is, but it is yellow’s intensity that can overpower a palette.

So, you love yellow and you want it as prominent color in your palette, what do you do? While purple is yellow’s compliment on the color wheel, visually, people find yellow more pleasing to view in conjunction with blue, than purple.  MMMMM – yellow sun, blue sky, maybe?  So, a good color to include in your palette is a deep blue with an intensity that can balance the intensity of a strong yellow.  To balance out the intensity of the yellow and deep blue include lavender, a sandy tan or dark grays.

You can use yellow.  To help you get to the right color palette contact the Design Directors of INSTUDIO.

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