Atmospheric Paintings add Splendor to Decor

Selecting art that you enjoy is one of the best ways to bring your personal style and taste into your decor. INSTUDIO interior Design Directors recently accompanied clients to San Francisco’s Naval Shipyard for Open Artists’ Studios in the quest to acquire art for their home.  Seeing where art is created, meeting artist and viewing a wide range of artistic expressions is an exceptional experience. The Design Directors were available to their clients for assurance that the works that were being considered would indeed blend into their design plans and enhance their home.

The INSTUDIO clients selected an atmospheric abstract painting by Susan Spies. Susan, a San Francisco artist whose paintings illustrate the notion of vastness, allow us to ponder it, and capture the experience of land, water, space, time and light.  Her painting, “Push Pull, Orange” above is a fine example of her engaging work.  Atmospheric paintings evoking nature and its colors create a mood and can be integrated with an interior design plan to complement a room’s color palette.

When including art into your interiors the first rule is to act as your own curator and commit to art that fits your personality as well as your home.  Never worry about whether or not other people will be familiar with the art or artist that you select.  Don’t concern yourself with “investment value” but reflect on personal value.  The art that you enjoy is for you and should be a reflection of who you are and the space where you live.  Susan Spies paintings were the perfect match for a young couple that embraced her beautiful color palette, the atmospheric quality, and the contemporary spirit of her works.

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