I Saw it in the Window and Just Had to Have It!

Remember the iconic Carol Burnett episode with Carol as Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind turning the window drapery into a formal gown?  We can take our cue from Carol:  reuse and re-purpose when designing your interiors.

Like Carol, think outside the box.  You may have a piece of furniture, for instance, a bureau in a bedroom or a console table that can be refinished or distressed and be just the right piece of furniture for your design plan.  It is the time to break the mold of “just get rid of it” and start reusing and re-purposing.  It is good for the environment and can be good for the pocket book.

Don’t forget vintage and consignment shops for furniture, lighting and accessories.  It’s another way to reuse.  It may have been someone else s but it won’t be going to the landfill and will find new purpose and a new home.

Try a different lampshade on a lamp – see the difference in can make.

A leather jacket can be turned into an accent pillow.

Curtains can be used to reupholster a dining chair seat.

Old, deep media cabinets for the large TV set gone by the way side replaced by flat screen TVs can be used as a mini-bar.

Over sized, over elaborate picture frames that don’t work with your new art collection can be re-used as mirror frames.

The list goes on.  See things for more than what they were originally intended to be used for.

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