Inspired by Luscious Dark Colors?

Dark colors can make a striking statement when used as wall colors.  Notice the variety of red-purples and blue-purples in plums.  They are rich with lively warm, reddish tones. Deep colors aren’t for everyone but “night people” should enjoy the dark shades that they love as part of their interior design plan.

Most people think of deep colors as trendy, fashion forward or avant-garde but if we look back in history Victorian era rooms of the early 1900’s used somber tones of burgundy, tobacco brown, forest green, midnight blue and deep purples to reflect their conservative lifestyle.

If you like dark colors don’t be hesitant to use them to add distinct personality to a room.  Balance deep tones with graduations of hue, contrast and juxtaposition. As an example plum colored walls can employ lavender tones as a graduation of the hue, the use of cream or natural canvas colors can frame a dark colored room as architectural moldings,  or golden tones of wood or metal finishes, furniture, accessories, textiles or rugs add distinct contrast to dark rooms.

Cheerful accents and artwork will also balance a darker palette.  So, don’t shy away from a darker palette if you want that cozy, comfy mood for a particular room.

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