Like Leather? Lay It on the Floor!

Leather floors were once only used in the rooms of grand homes. Thick custom leather tiles required skilled professional installers. Leather for your floors is now as easy, practical and good looking as wood.  It’s not as expensive as it used to be either with a thinner product and easy installation that can give you a spectacularly beautiful and interesting flooring option.

The INSTUDIO Design Directors discovered TORLYS smart floors.  Based out of Canada, this floor manufacturer has hit on the right combination with its leather floor product.  TORLYS Leather floors are offered in planks or square tiles. Every bevel-edged plank is especially long, accentuating a sense of roominess and elegance. The 15” bevel-edged square tiles complement contemporary rooms.  Both styles help you to create floor space that feels open and free-flowing while enhancing your rooms with the character of leather.

TORLYS leather floors are striking, sleek, expansive and elegant. Finely textured leather grains are pleasing to the touch. Cork backing adds environmental cushioning to improve acoustics and eliminate the need for an underlay. With a variety of fashion forward embossing and colors, TORLYS provides a selection that is exciting and inviting.

While leather floors may not be for everyone or for every application, their ease of maintenance makes them an intriguing option for a foyer, a library, family room or even a living room.  Check out TORLYS:

Think about adding an unusual dimension to your rooms with the help of the Design Directors of INSTUDIO.

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