Stacking Chairs are Ideal for Extra Dinner Guest

When hosting a large dinner party sometimes extra chairs are needed. Stacking chairs are an excellent solution to provide extra seating. They can fit within a closet and don’t take much floor space. The comfort level is higher than folding chairs because they fit the body better. Comfortable chairs make your dinner guests happy; they will enjoy their meal and relax with conversation.

Modern and Contemporary stack-able chairs are well designed to blend within your décor without revealing their little secret. INSTUDIO Design Directors choose some of their personal favorites. These designer classics can be found around their dining tables for dinner parties and in different rooms throughout their homes all year long.

Extra chairs allow experimentation with designs that you admire but that may not fit within your overall design and decoration style. Contemporary profiles can add an artistic sculptural element or unexpected color to traditional interiors or enhance classic modern or vintage interior design.

Save the butt and back with stylish chairs that happen to stack!

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