The Continuing Legacy of Italian Design

Everyone knows the Renaissance began in Florence, Italy.  Europe emerged from the Dark Ages on the impetus of Italian innovation in the arts, architecture and design.  The Italian legacy in design still continues and one of the leaders much liked by the Design Directors of INSTUDIO is Flexform.

Establishing itself during the innovative era of Italian Design in the 1970’s, Flexform is firmly ensconced as a design leader today.  Making the modular comfortable, emphasizing alluring elegance, being minimal yet luxurious, Flexform collections score big in exquisite contemporary furniture design.

Bringing the Old World necessity of maximizing space and function within interior spaces, Flexform collections emphasis function while minimizing structure, but not at the expense of quality and stability, creating sleek, clean lined furniture that appears to float within space giving the appearance of lightness and lack of clutter to interiors.

Enjoy the great of look of contemporary furniture with Flexform.

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