What’s Your Type of Decorative Accessory?

If yesterday’s communications technology is trash to someone, can it be a decorative treasure to another? Interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis was on an errand in San Francisco’s South of Market when he spotted a shiny, black, stamped metal plate nestled in the weeds not far from a new construction site. With interest his curiosity piqued, he decided to investigate. To his discovery the metal plate was the bottom of a discarded old Royal typewriter.

Walking back to INSTUDIO, Samuel got quite a workout lifting the heavy beast of yesteryear.  Upon his return the relic was sure to have a new home but for what purpose wasn’t yet clear.  The following day another collector of interesting things suggested using an air compressor to clean the typewriter up. Good Idea! It turns out that the machine was the home of several spiders that needed to find a new place to live.  Lots of Windex and tons of paper towels brought the once glorious “Royal” back to life; fully fresh, polished, clean and functional.


While yesterday’s technologies no longer serve us, they provide a window to the past when used as artistic accessories. Samuel’s scavenging savvy is due in part to the nature of his experienced eye as an artist and designer. Always observant, he repurposes found items like record albums & covers, film reels, small vintage television sets, cameras and even manual drafting implements that he continues to draw and design with for his hand crafted custom furniture.  Items that were advanced for their time give us a glimpse of the past when used as decorative art and accessories. The typewriter has now become an unexpected display for postcards at an art & design studio.

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