What are Elevations? Take a look at the walls that surround you!

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO say interior design starts with a plan. The Floor plan tells you how your furniture will fit within a room and how you will move through your living space. Elevations are the walls in a room or space.

Architecturally speaking basic elevations include each wall in a room as you face it. An Elevation has ceiling heights, the widths and locations of doors, windows, and finish features that include base and crown moldings, wainscots or paneling, beams that touch the wall and electrical outlet/switch locations. The next level of architectural elevations include built in cabinets, niches, fireplaces, wall sconces or lighting, tile heights, wall mounted sinks and so on. A kitchen or bathroom could not be constructed without elevations

For decoration and design, elevations are used to design window treatments, place or install free standing or built in shelving, locate a wall mounted television or lighting, plan where an accent paint color or wall covering begins and ends. Elevations are also used to decide how a work of art or a grouping of artworks will look on a wall. While Interior design starts with a plan, the next important step is careful consideration of the elevations in a room.

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