When He Likes Design as Much as She

While watching HGTV television programs the Interior Design Directors of INSTUDIO often hear the phrase “happy wife, happy life” when men defer all of the Interior design decisions to their spouses. Most men will settle for a comfy chair for themselves in room of her design. A “man cave” in the basement or garage can also keep the peace. Some men just don’t have ideas about style or design. These guys usually don’t really care to express themselves through their dwelling.

Men’s interest in interior design can stem from various sources. Early exposure to architecture, woodworking, building or contracting, industrial design, fine arts, graphic design, photography, construction management or fashion can give a man an interest in their interior design. By growing up in a beautiful home, travel, visiting museums, city living can also influence a young man’s regard for interior design.

INSUDIO Design Director Stephen Kladder has a law degree and a previous career as a corporate attorney prior to studying design. When he was young and traveled with his family local art museums were always a destination. Stephen was also asked to participate in the selection and placement of furniture and color palettes when his mother decorated their homes.

The “happy wife, happy life” approach may work for some men but many of the couples that have contacted INSTUDIO for interior design services have had equal say in design decisions. For some the husband took the lead in interior design development. When he likes design as much as she does his input enhances the overall design and rooms reflect both styles so “happy life is happy life” when design comes home.

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