Charlie Brown Trees Get Holiday Bling

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO give a new look to holiday décor.  Relying on their artistic nature, they recycle craft and style fallen tree branches into surprising Charlie Brown style trees. Gold and silver are foundation colors that can accent the design of any room.

The golden tree is a branch that is first spray painted gold and allowed to dry. Elmer’s glue is then applied to the branch in sections which are sprinkled with glitter. The golden glittery branch alone can be a stunning decorative accessory simply placed on its side as a dining room centerpiece or on a console table. The Design Directors added weight and gold bead garlands to a tall tortoise shell colored glass vase to support the glittery branch. Golden bead garlands and well fashion forward ornaments complete the look. The combination of the tortoise shell vase, golden branch and garlands will look at home in traditional or contemporary interior.

When spray painted, the smooth branch of the silver tree takes on the look of polished silver. Recycled broken mirror glass was used in a vintage green glass vase to support the silver branch. Unusual colorful ornaments were used to add an edgy look to the sparse silver silhouette. The combination of the vintage vase, silver branch and interesting ornaments make the look of this tree at home in a retro or contemporary décor.

These holiday craft projects cost less than twenty dollars but can look like a million bucks. They take just a few hours to create and add an individual style to any room.

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