Create Gold and Silver Glittered Pinecones

Nature provides perfect holiday decorations from majestic pine trees. Natural pine cones remind us of the season and add sculptural beauty to any style of interior design and décor. While the Design Directors of INSTUDIO think that “gilding the lily” would be a bad idea, they think that glittering the pinecone might be a good idea. Here’s how to let your pinecones truly sparkle for the holidays.

Use gold or silver spray paint to create the first layer of glamour to clean and dry pinecones.

Open a plastic kitchen size garbage bag and add glitter (the larger the pinecone the more glitter you will need). Open another plastic bag and place it where the completed pinecone will be able to dry overnight.

In a small vessel add about one third of water to Elmer’s glue and stir well with a paint brush and set aside. Use the paintbrush to paint the glue and water mixture onto the pinecone making sure that some of the glue gets into the interior surfaces.

Place the glue covered pinecone into the bag with glitter. Close one end of the bag with your hand and shake the bag in all directions until you think the pinecone is completely covered in glitter. Carefully remove the pinecone and place it on the open plastic bag to dry overnight. The following day shake and brush off excess glitter from the pinecone. Add the new sparkly pinecone to your holiday décor.

When holiday guests ask about your stunning pinecones just say I made them myself. “It’s Shake & Glitter and INSTUDIO helped”.

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