An Odd Pair of Chairs Add Life to a Room

INSTUDIO interior Design Directors like to add an odd or interesting pair of dining chairs to a dining room set. The chairs can also provide extra seating in a living room.  An unexpected pair of chairs can add life to a room by being a counterpoint to the other furnishings in the room.

When selecting an odd pair of chairs, look at your existing room/furniture to evaluate what would add to the overall composition. Colors, textiles, finishes shapes and size of your existing furnishings will give you direction towards finding elements on the new odd chairs that will bridge the design and add to your overall décor.

If you like the idea of using an odd pair of dining chairs, consider three or four sets in a combination around a dining table. A grouping of one of a kind chairs is also a great look. Careful shopping is required because each chair must look good next to each other or the design will visually fall apart. Search flea markets, consignment shops, antique shops, thrift stores, vintage furniture stores and online sources (using descriptive key words) to find the perfect odd chairs to complement your rooms.

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