In a Pipe Wrench, the Artist Sees a Table

Artist, craftsmen and furniture designers contact the INSTUDIO Design Directors with their new products. Jonathan Niemuth refers to himself as “creative” because he encompasses art, craft and design in his varied work. Creative people have the vision to see beyond what things are to what they can be. In big red pipe wrenches Jonathan saw a coffee table. Jonathan likes the idea of building things that have an artistic design, are functional and meant to last.

The table goes beyond any strict category of art, craft or furniture. INSTUDIO Design Directors have a number of reasons to like this table:  the creative reuse of pipe wrenches and a playful industrial look.  The “X” forms that have been used in furniture designs for ages add a classical element to the table. The heaviness of the tools balances the lightness of the glass top.  And, can you say red?

Because this unique table makes its own sculptural statement it can find itself fitting comfortably  within any type of room, including a family room, man cave, apartment, converted garage, loft, art collector’s space, or country cottage. The Pipe Wrench table can blend into almost any style of design as well.

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