Some of the most innovative, beautiful, contemporary furniture designs are not mass produced, seen in design showrooms or retail stores. These works of art that happen to be furniture are developed by furniture designers who work with specialty crafts people to realize their own designs. INSTUDIO Design Directors were thrilled when they reviewed a portfolio of furniture by artist and designer Tamara Codor.

Tamara’s collections have a timeless elegance that can blend within any contemporary or modernist setting. Planes appear to float within the thin steel frames on her case pieces, shelving, desks and tables. Chairs have a modernist Bauhaus leaning. “Poof” ottomans are tailored yet soft. Her block tables are aged tree trunks but the artistic applied finish is anything but natural. Finishes range from natural colors and textures to refined artisan renditions. Codor is committed to using environmentally friendly material and aims to marry the eco ethic with luxury design.

INSTUDIO Design Directors can see any contemporary, modernist, or eclectic interior enhanced by a splendid one of a kind Tamara Codor work of art disguised as furniture.

For more information on Tamara Codor visit:  http://codordesign.com/info

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Photo Credits:  Charles Schuck furniture photography.