The Art of Caryne Havican-Mender

Miami artist Caryne Havican-Mender creates artifacts pulled from the urban landscape.  She finds discarded man-made objects in abandoned houses, junkyards, and flea markets and allows the viewer to re-discover the discarded in her works of art providing hints of traditional art subject matter such as landscapes, as well as contemporary abstract works.

The art is tactile and visually stimulating, creating a sense of wonder:  “I’ve seen something like this before, but where?”  Caryne creates works of beauty taken from what we have all gotten too accustomed to seeing cluttering our landscapes:  remnants of our throwaway society.  As INSTUDIO does this with its reuse, recycle and re-purpose interior design projects –– Caryn does the same in her creative process as an Artist.

The artistic statement for Caryn’s work is:  “No longer are these items part of our everyday routine, lost in the midst of everyday life. I use such artifacts as inspiration to create monuments of cultural artistic creativity, giving them a renewed sense of beauty.”

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO love Caryn’s work and applaud her artistic vision.  Enjoy more of Caryn’s work at:

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