Bored at Home? Try an INSTUDIO Restyle!

Having nice things is sometimes not enough when you’ve had the same furniture, art and accessories for so long that you don’t see them anymore.

It’s easy to become bored with your rooms simply using them every day and not seeing your home with fresh eyes or ideas for new possibilities. Everything old can become new when you create new furniture plans. Use your existing furniture, art and accessories in different rooms and combinations to restyle your space. INSTUDIO interior Design Directors can give you new rooms in just a matter of hours.

People who were “bored at home” said the following on yelp about their Restyle.

“INSTUDIO came up with a new floor plan and rearranged all of our current furniture and artwork beautifully. They also left some detailed notes on what we could add furniture – wise and what colors may work in our space.”

“The Design Directors came to my home and transformed my dull mundane living room that was completely bugging me without my having to buy a thing. They measured and shared ideas with me and we got to work together moving furniture around – voila – it took about an hour! I didn’t need to feel embarrassed about my stuff, and my ideas were always part of the mix. I have a “new” living room and a giant smile on my face.”

“I hired INSTUDIO to come over for a design consultation for my flat in San Francisco.  They were very efficient and took measurements and came up with a new floor plan, helped with choosing paint colors, and generally gave me lots of ideas I could use. They were careful to listen to what I wanted, and looked at design ideas from magazines I had saved.  The new floor plan totally changed the look and feel of my apartment, it has been quite remarkable. They understood that I was on a miniscule budget and just wanted to use what I had, and do some painting. They were extremely pleasant to work with, and I thought that I really got great results for a great price.  They made me see my flat in a whole new way, and it’s so much more functional and beautiful now!”

Bored at Home? For the price of one nice piece of furniture you can have a few new rooms without buying a thing.

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