Extraordinary Use of Color – The Art of Rosemary McDermott

Artist Rosemary McDermott – a continued favorite of INSTUDIO – takes color to new levels of compassion and interest in her artwork.  Rosemary discovered she was an artist about 10 years ago when she picked up a sketch book and began drawing through copying the works of the masters Degas, Sargent, Klimt and Schiele, an experience she describes as “sudden” and “magical”.

The magic of her drawing continues for the viewer as Rosemary now incorporates an astonishing variety of colors, some bold, some subtle.  While Rosemary may not have described herself as an artist in the early days of her drawing, she informs us, “The day I discovered color is the day I became an artist.”  The medium for her color is pastel, ink stains and mosaics of finely cut papers used to lay down exquisite pattern within select portions of her pieces.

Included in her body of works is the amazingly sensitive series “Metastasis”.  According to the artist, the series “is about disease and how it marks the body. I use repeating patterns of color to show the devastation chronic illness visits on the body and on the soul. Metastasis, however, is not about pain, or loss, or sadness. Rather it is about courage and defiance and, perhaps, acceptance. The faces truly tell the story.”

Recent works now include beautiful landscapes that are more abstract and use paper to show the repeating patterns so evident in nature.  “I break up the patterns by cutting the paper into small pieces and balance them against the chaos of the ink stained ground. It is the color that unifies everything and that is who I am just another human being trying to make sense of her world with color.”

INSTUDIO is pleased to provide a glimpse of Rosemary’s world of color and sensitive understanding.

To see more of Rosemary’s work go to:  rlmcdermott@wordpress.com

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