Everyday products that we recognize as global icons for their beauty, efficiency, reliability, innovative qualities or stunning design are featured on the Science Channel program INSIDE THE DESIGN.

Within a 30 minute program three classic designs are explored. Viewers are given a glimpse of the production of enduring products, their history and design development. Manufacturing facilities are shown, but trade secrets are kept secret. You can feel the pride of making landmark products through the words of product spokespersons.

Sometimes new generations are actively involved in the production and development of designs inherited by their forefathers. Some designs remain the same and are made in exactly the same way at the same factory. Other designs now utilize robotics to do the jobs that were once done by hand.

Interesting design innovations emerge from product history. Collectors of Fiestaware china will find that the art deco design and bright solid colors were a forward thinking reaction against traditional china with patterns and flowers.  Contemporary design enthusiasts will find that the mid-century Italian classic Arco lamp was inspired by street lights. Viewers relaxing on Lounge chairs will learn that the design of Lazy Boy reclining chairs was developed from an outdoor chair and the name “Lazy Boy” came from a contest winner. The iconic 1990’s Garbino trash can by Karim Rashid is part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. The show explains that its simple design is full of practical innovations that belie the sleek form.

Design, history and innovation come together in this informative program that anyone interested in the science of design will enjoy.

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