Having an intuitive sense for harmonizing color, INSTUDIO Design Director, Lynne Gillan discovered a new way of looking at her art and design work when she was faced with a unique problem to solve.  In her artwork, watercolor is her medium of choice for the fluidity and transparency it allows in exploring the layering of color. Following a stream of consciousness approach to composition, her non-representational works are simple in line and form and strong in color.

When she was approached with the idea of repurposing a side table, the concept of deconstructing one of her recent watercolors to create a collaged table came to mind. One image was selected from her River Abstracts and multiple color copies were reproduced and used to assemble the collage. To create the desired effect, the placement of every given piece was carefully considered in cutting and assembling the collage onto the table. “The process felt similar to painting, as in each piece I would choose to cut and place was akin to brushstrokes on a canvas. I didn’t know the shapes of color would begin to take on a three dimensional form themselves until I began to choose what shape to cut and where I wanted to continue the flow of color on every surface of the table.”

The result culminated into a piece of art furniture, blending both of Lynne’s passions for art and design, each one informing the other in her work. “When a two dimensional work of art became transformed into a three dimensional work of art that is functional, it was at that point when I scavenged for my next piece of furniture!”

Lynne’s, “River Beneath the River” table will be up for auction at St. Vincent DePaul Society’s annual fundraising event, “Discarded to Divine” on Thursday, April 26th at the Design Galleria, San Francisco. Come out and bid and see what else the other INSTUDIO Design Directors have also entered.

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